This application allows you to declare and pay, not more than 3 days ahead of your arrival in Singapore, the duty and/or Goods & Services Tax (GST) on the goods that you will be bringing into Singapore. After you have made a Customs declaration and payment via this application, you may enter Singapore through the Green Channel. If you are stopped for checks, please show the receipt to the inspection officer for verification.
Please read the following carefully before using the application to make a Customs declaration and payment.
Terms and Conditions
  • All information furnished to Singapore Customs in this application is true and correct;

  • I am 20 years old or older if I am submitting a declaration for cigarettes, and tobacco products;

  • The receipt for payment issued by the application is valid only on the date of arrival and at the place of arrival that I declare in the application;

  • I will declare those goods not covered in the application at the Customs Tax Payment Office or Red Channel, upon my arrival in Singapore, and pay the duty and/or GST chargeable thereon; and I am aware that a failure to declare those goods which are subject to duty and/or GST is an offence.

  • The goods declared are not controlled, prohibited and/or, do not infringed any Intellectual Property Rights.

  • I acknowledge that whether and how much duty and/or GST is chargeable on the goods which I am bringing into Singapore is determined at the time of import of the goods, and not at the time of my declaration in the application and/or payment. If, after my declaration and/or payment, any further duty and/or GST becomes chargeable on any goods I am bringing into Singapore, I will pay the same at the Customs Tax Payment Office or Red Channel upon my arrival in Singapore.

I have read and understood, and I accept the Terms and Conditions stipulated above.

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