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[For Customs Declaration]
This application allows you to declare and pay the duty and/or Goods & Services Tax (GST) on goods that you will be bringing into Singapore, not more than 3 days ahead of your arrival in Singapore. After you have made a Customs declaration and payment via this application, you may enter Singapore through the Green Channel. If you are stopped for checks, please show the e-receipt generated by Customs@SG in your mobile device and the relevant sales receipts/invoices to the checking officer for verification.
Please read the following carefully before using the application to make a Customs declaration and payment.
  • All information furnished to Singapore Customs in this application is true and correct;

  • I am 20 years old or older if I am submitting a declaration for cigarettes and / or tobacco products; the cigarettes and / or tobacco products that I am bringing into Singapore comply with Singapore's Standardised Packaging (SP) requirements. I understand that no refund will be given for duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid via Customs@SG app / web portal for the cigarettes and / or tobacco products that do not comply with the SP requirements. I understand that these cigarettes / tobacco products will be disposed of at the checkpoints before I can enter Singapore.

  • The receipt for payment issued by the application is valid only on the date of arrival and at the place of arrival that I declare in the application;

  • I will declare those goods not covered in the application at the Customs Tax Payment Office or Red Channel, upon my arrival in Singapore, and pay the duty and/or GST chargeable thereon; and I am aware that a failure to declare those goods which are subject to duty and/or GST is an offence.

  • The goods declared are not controlled, prohibited and/or, do not infringed any Intellectual Property Rights.

  • I acknowledge that whether and how much duty and/or GST is chargeable on the goods which I am bringing into Singapore is determined at the time of import of the goods, and not at the time of my declaration in the application and/or payment. If, after my declaration and/or payment, any further duty and/or GST becomes chargeable on any goods I am bringing into Singapore, I will pay the same at the Customs Tax Payment Office or Red Channel upon my arrival in Singapore.

I have read and understood, and I accept the Terms and Conditions stipulated above.

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